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Reunião de Negócios

Guidance for Companies with
Partners Abroad

Any organisation that holds a non-resident or foreign national as a partner within the company must take steps to ensure that this is compliant with Brazilian Law. 


Company partners based abroad cannot directly administer a business registered in Brazil. Therefore, organisations are required to adapt their articles of association to accommodate such appointments. 


Typically, arrangements will be made for the appointment of a specialised attorney who can assume responsibility for acting on behalf of the non-resident partner. 


This strategy may seem straightforward, but if not correctly executed, problems can arise. Companies may be disqualified from the Simples Nacional eligibility and there may be other repercussions. For these reasons, it is important to hire an experienced professional to provide guidance and support when making provisions for non-resident partners.


Our firm has extensive knowledge of UK tax and legal matters and works in cooperation with accountants and solicitors based in other countries, such as USA and Portugal. We can provide an integrated service that ensures clients are regularised in their country of residence and maximizes tax reliefs available.


Thank  you!

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